Julie Courtney, CPA

Julie Courtney, CPA Email Julie 253-852-8500 x307 LinkedIn profile Julie Courtney, CPA, CGMA, Partner Partner, CEO “More than anything else, I enjoy the opportunity to build a deep relationship with…..

Mark Hale, CPA, Partner

Mark Hale, CPA, Partner Email Mark 253-852-8500 Mark Hale, CPA, Partner Partner “I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and digging in to assist my clients with all accounting and tax…..

Jeanette Roatch, CPA, CGMA

Jeanette Roatch, CPA, CGMA Email Jeanette 253-852-8500 x309 LinkedIn profile Jeanette Roatch, CPA, CGMA Partner and Director, Accounting and Auditing “I aspire to be the first person my client thinks…..

Jessica Norris CPA, CFE, CVA

Jessica Norris CPA, CFE, CVA Email Jessica 253-852-8500 x314 LinkedIn profile Jessica Norris CPA, CFE, CVA Partner “I strive to establish long-term relationships with my clients, gaining the ability to…..

Julia M. Atwood, SPHR, PAFM

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