Forensic Services

As an owner or executive, the greatest assets you protect are the value, reputation and employees of your company. Setting the right tone at the top is vital for cultivating a culture that displays a desire for avoiding costly mistakes, an appreciation for strong controls and a zero-tolerance attitude towards fraud.

Protecting Value

The positive reputation of your business drives value. Communicating an atmosphere of strong oversight and zero-tolerance at the top is vital to reducing exposure to damaging behavior. Employees who are aware of management’s adherent interest in securing its assets, by closely monitoring its controls, are less likely to act unethically. 

Protecting the Bottom Line

Don’t let external pressures distract you from internal opportunities and risks. Missed opportunities to reduce cost, preventable employee mistakes, ignored discounts and poor internal controls all provide a cover up for employee fraud.

Can you afford these risks?

Taking Action

Surprise Audits. The element of surprise is very powerful in setting a zero-tolerance tone. A certified fraud examiner will be on site periodically to test technical and procedural controls and operational processes, unbeknownst to employees. This process encourages employees to identify areas that could be susceptible to or are already at risk for lost earnings and can be a powerful tool for identifying costly mistakes.

Red Flag Audits. Do you know what your accounting data is telling you?  Using proven statistical and logical methods, we can dig even deeper than a surprise audit and  identify anomalies in your everyday transactions that suggest potential fraud or abuse.

Fraud Hotline/Webline. Implementing safe and private avenues for employees to communicate suspicious behavior encourages employees to do so without fear of repercussions. Employees will receive wallet cards with a phone number and website to report their findings. Reports will be analyzed by a certified fraud examiner, with claims reported to you to decide next steps.

IT Audits. Easy, accessible technology enables fraud.  Our IT audit services will work with your internal service providers to understand the weaknesses inherent in the systems you use for operations and communication and create accountability in how your technology is used.

Improving Controls. If loose controls or operational inconsistencies are identified during our visit, you will receive an improvement plan on how to tighten or enhance your controls and operations.

Strong Policies. Employees will receive tools for taking safe and appropriate action when suspicions develop. Having documented policies in place protects  your organization and clearly communicates to your employees, investors and shareholders that your organization is proactively committed to operational excellence.

Employee Surveys. Knowing in advance if your employees have concerns about fraud or ethics can help you resolve problems before they become lawsuits or significant losses.

Employee Training. A key step to communicating high expectations is educating your employees on where to look for fraud and what to look for. Having yearly training sets the tone that your organization is not complacent when protecting its assets.

Enhanced Operations. In the end, this process of continual testing and improvement will enhance your operations, support you in your compliance with contracts and reduce expenses related to inefficiencies or oversights.

Stop worrying about what you can’t control and start focusing on what you can. Protect your value.  Improve your bottom line.

Are you a candidate for our Forensic Services?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be an ideal candidate for forensic services from our highly skilled and trained employees:

  • Do you need to protect the value and goodwill of your organization?
  • Are you positioning for an exit from your business?
  • Have you grown to the point of needing an “internal audit” function?
  • Do you put a lot of trust in a few key employees?
  • Do you want to improve efficiencies in your processes while not compromising the accuracy and reliability of the work product?
  • Do you want peace of mind that processes and procedures in place are appropriate to prevent or detect either errors or fraud?
  • Have you ever laid awake at night worrying about the possibility of fraud at your organization?
  • Are you in a period of expansion or growth that involves increased activities and want to ensure you have adequate resources devoted to the appropriate departments?
  • Do you want to help prevent a fraud from affecting your business?
  • Do you ever wonder what key things should be prioritized to maintain adequate oversight while not having administrative tasks occupy all of your valuable time?
  • Are you in a period of business cutbacks and need to do more with fewer resources?
  • Do you want valuable insight and knowledge on the key processes affecting your business and the necessary controls to help prevent or detect errors or fraud?

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