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Shannon & Associates is a full-service CPA firm, focused on more than taxes and timelines. We’re focused on smart, sound strategies that grow our clients’ businesses. Although our roots are in accounting, our firm also provides a full range of services including accounting, auditing and tax services – plus extras such as employee benefits, financial planning, and a host of advisory services.

A partnership with us means comprehensive expertise, a holistic, team-based approach and a full range of services designed to meet your company’s needs. We act as management consultants with a strategic structure that frees your company from the day-to-day financial details and responsibilities – letting you focus on developing your business’s full potential. At Shannon & Associates, we’ll get to know you, tailor a service plan for you, and collaborate with you to create solutions, combining our best thinking with yours.

Businesses like yours are better served by a full-service CPA firm with a holistic approach to building  your business, not one limited to taxes and timelines.

Auditing and Assurance – Shannon and Associates LLC

Auditing & Assurance

An accurate audit can give you priceless insight, helping you improve your business strategy, management decisions, business controls, and more. In many cases, an audit keeps you “official” too. Our firm makes audits easier and more accurate: We ensure that you have the data you need and keep you compliant with regulations. We can audit or review historical financial statements and help you prove compliance.

Tax Services & Consulting

Our guess is, there’s more to accounting and taxes than you’d like to know. So, we offer a broad range of tax services to supplement our accounting and advisory services. Yet we also recognize that every business and person is unique, requiring a tailored approach to tax planning and services. We’ll help you develop and implement strategies that defer your tax liabilities. And we’ll dig deep to discover tax advantages others might have missed.

Tax Services and Consulting – Shannon and Associates LLC
Accounting and Bookkeeping – Shannon and Associates LLC

Accounting & Bookkeeping

When it comes to accounting services, the fewer surprises the better. The accounting experts at Shannon & Associates will work to help you eliminate the unexpected. We streamline your accounting by staying current with tax laws and compliance regulations. And we keep you current too, letting you know the ramifications of changing laws and how you can prepare for them.

Benefit Plans & Administration

Your employees deserve great benefits, but setting up and administering employee benefit plans can be a hassle. Whether a 401k or profit sharing, we’ll help you plan and administer your employee benefits plan and, more importantly, make sure it fits your long-term strategic business goals. We also offer cafeteria plans, including flexible spending accounts and premium-only plans.

Benefit Plans and Administration – Shannon and Associates LLC
Financial Planning – Shannon and Associates LLC

Financial Planning

We know you have big plans for your future. You need a plan to help you reach your financial objectives but also one that is flexible enough to change with your life. To round out our accounting and tax services, Shannon & Associates also offers comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services via a partnership between our affiliate S&A Wealth Management, LLC and the Kendrick Group.

Advisory Services

While we’re known for our expertise in the fields of accounting, auditing, taxes, employee benefits, and financial planning, we offer a broad range of other services to complement your business’s financial needs. That’s because we function not only as your accounting firm but your management consultant as well. And with today’s rapidly changing business environment, we know you need a wider range of consulting services.

Advisory Services – Shannon and Associates LLC

CPAs and management consultants focused on helping you grow your business.