Accounting for Retail Businesses

If you’re in the retail business, you know it requires specific accounting expertise. Our team has experience in a variety of retail industries, including: grocery stores, service, restaurants, spas, franchises and more.

Because of our retail expertise, we can move beyond accounting to help you find a better way. For example, one of our retail clients was doing front-end scanning of all inventory as it was sold and on its way out of the store. But that same inventory was manually entered when it first came in. As consultants to this $30 million retailer, we developed a software that scans all the inventory in the back room as it comes in and submits that data directly into their accounts payable. Now they no longer have to key in all that information into their cost of sales.

Recognize theft

As a retailer, you have to monitor your margins very closely. The sad truth is, sometimes it’s your employees impacting your profits. We can set up internal controls to help prevent theft and assist in analyzing financial statements so you recognize missing funds.

Manage costs

Shannon & Associates can help you improve and streamline your inventory control. We’ll evaluate your current system and make recommendations, thereby helping you to fully know the impact on your profits. Knowing your numbers will also mean streamlined staffing—making sure you don’t have too many or too few people on the floor at a time.

Restaurants have special accounting needs

Because it requires constant attention, spoilage is a big concern for restaurants. Again, it’s about inventory control: knowing how much you need or already have and when. By working with us as your management consultants, you’ll gain an awareness of its effect on your bottom line. Inventory control is probably not something you think about as much as, say, what to put on the menu for next month, and it shouldn’t be—that’s why we’re here. We’re the numbers folks, and when it comes to your margin analysis, we’ll analyze every possible way to maximize your profits.

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