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Imagine: a trusted business advisor, working tirelessly to further your financial security, while providing solutions that position your business for a successful future. It’s what our clients have come to expect from Shannon & Associates – no matter what industry we may work with

Although we work with a variety of businesses and help individuals with services like tax returns and estate planning, we have extensive expertise with the intricacies of accounting and auditing for specialized industries, including manufacturing, retail, construction, wholesale distribution, nonprofits and more. Our goal is to develop close, long-term relationships with our clients. This gives us the insight and expertise to truly understand our client’s financial needs, making us an integral part of their management teams.

We can help conduct a needs analysis, develop internal controls and procedures, customize accounting software, train staff on accounting systems, and more.

Manufacturing – Shannon & Associates LLC


If you’re in the manufacturing business, you’re confronted with many complicated issues, including cost accounting, inventory management and multi-state taxes. And it doesn’t end there—you also have special income tax rules to deal with. We’ll help you with all this and advise you on complex transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, buy/sell agreements, and how to structure your business to manage risk.


In the world of wholesale and distribution, controlling your cash flow and managing your inventory are critical. Our accountants and consultants can help you do both: We’ll present you with the best insights into your inventory turns, margins and cash flow. Over the years, we’ve helped scores of other wholesale and distribution companies deal with exactly the same issues you’re facing—and now you get to benefit from all those years of experience.

Wholesale and Distribution – Shannon & Associates LLC
Construction – Shannon and Associates LLC


Shannon & Associates specializes in construction accounting. We provide crucial assistance to builders and developers by identifying their true costs of doing business, advising them as they make informed decisions, and maximizing the use of construction accounting software in order to attain a better bottom line.

Employee benefit plans

Your employees deserve great benefits, but setting up and administering employee benefit plans can be a hassle. Whether a 401k or profit sharing, we’ll help you plan and administer your employee benefits plan and, more importantly, make sure it fits your long-term strategic business goals. We also offer cafeteria plans, including flexible spending accounts and premium-only plans.

Employee Benefit Plans – Shannon & Associates LLC
Professional services – Shannon & Associates LLP

Professional Services

Planning for the growth and future of a professional service firm is a unique task. Whether you’re a law firm or a dental practice — we understand the value of your business and we have the toolset to help you thrive. We set benchmarks to maximize efficiency and profit to protect and grow your net worth. All the while, we never forget that human beings are the heart of your operation so we put care into benefit packages, training programs, and implementation procedures.


The world of retail requires specialized accounting knowledge. Our accountants have experience in several retail industries, including grocery stores, restaurants, spas, franchises, and a variety of other service-based businesses. And because of our retail expertise, we sometimes are much more than accountants because we simply find a better way.

Retail – Shannon and Associates LLC
Nonprofit – Shannon & Associates LLC


Nonprofits have unique accounting needs—you live that reality every day. That’s why working with an accounting firm experienced with nonprofits is so important. We understand the challenges you face as you strive to balance revenue streams with your organization’s mission. Nonprofits are near and dear to us as demonstrated by our commitment to our community. And we’ve served nonprofits for over 60 years.

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