After 25 years, we moved our CPA relationship with a ‘Downtown’ firm to Shannon & Associates. This change was four years ago, and there is no looking back.

The Shannon & Associates team prepares our business, personal, and trust returns (12 entities in total). They also advise me and other family members on financial and tax-related matters.

Shannon & Associates is responsive, accessible, practical, and efficient—all important factors in a Professional Advisor relationship.

Brian Quint, Sr. Vice President
Aqua Quip

Recently we moved our business accounting to Shannon & Associates, the move from a smaller, sole proprietor to Shannon & Associates has opened up many opportunities for us. They have presented us with new ideas for managing the finances of our business, tax savings ideas, and retirement planning. They will be able to assist us in reach the next level in our business.

George Chon
Evergoing Products Group

I am pleased with the client/audit relationship we have with Shannon & Associates. They have audited our organization the last three years and kept the same lead auditors on our account; therefore every year the audit becomes more efficient and diligent with smaller interruption to the account’s function. Staff continuity fosters a consistent relationship, making it easier for me and my staff to prepare for the annual audit and for the audit itself.

Shekh Ali
Valley Cities Counseling & Consultation

I can always rely on Shannon & Associates to provide my clients with solid, absolutely dependable advice and service in the complex estate tax and estate planning arena. You will never regret calling on the experts at Shannon & Associates to handle your estate tax issues, whether it is preparing an estate tax return, dealing with complicated planning strategies, or implementing your estate plan. Shannon & Associates has earned my unqualified endorsement.

Bob Pittman
Law Offices of Robert C. Pitman

I am so thankful for the help and support I received from Shannon & Associates handling the estate and income taxes and the trust funding on my husband’s estate. I highly recommend them.

Alice Nelson

Shannon & Associates makes the audit process less painful – they are helpful, non-intrusive and work around our schedule.

Chris McKillop
Rogers Machinery Company

From a financial reporting standpoint, Shannon & Associates has been the constant during all of our ownership and staff changes. They are up to speed on all accounting rules and changes and have helped us streamline our procedures through a period of rapid growth. In addition to being very accessible, they provide a level of expertise that we would be unable to afford in-house.

Shawn Bai
City Beverages

Shannon & Associates has been a great blessing. My late husband made changes to his will at the last minute, and Laura Koenig and her team went above and beyond to help me navigate the challenging times. They met with our attorney and were in frequent contact with his team as we worked through my husband’s estate. They also invited me into their office and would walk me through step by step what I needed to do and did everything in their power to make the process as easy for me as possible. I can’t say enough about how helpful they were during such a hard time.

Miriam Hebeler

I just want to pass on how much I appreciate Brian and his expertise. He is always quick to respond, patient to explain and quite knowledgeable.

He is certainly an asset to your firm.

Ken Yadon, Director of Finance / Controller
Medosweet Farms

Working with Shannon & Associates on my business valuation was an insightful process that allowed me to make changes and ultimately increase the value of my business by becoming educated as to what drives value

Dr. Smita Patel, DDS

As an attorney handling Estate Planning and Probate matters, we are only as good as our team. I am happy to consider Shannon & Associates as an integral part of the “team” of professionals we refer our clients to. From Estate Planning and tax considerations, compliance matters, business succession planning or assisting an Executor with the Estate tax matters – I am confident that the group of professionals at Shannon will handle my client’s matters both competently and with the same level of customer service we strive to provide. Shannon & Associates is my go-to referral for years now.

Grifan Cayce, Partner
Cayce | Grove Law Offices

Really talented, knowledgeable and warm staff. I learned everything I needed to know and felt fully supported for all the family’s financials going forward. This is one group I will continue working with and recommend highly.

Susan Komori

Enviromech greatly values our relationship with Shannon & Associates. We rely on their financial expertise for all of our company’s accounting needs.

Geno Timmons, President

My mother and brother found your CPA service over 30 years ago. I am so pleased that you are so careful with your clients’ assets. I found all of the staff so kind and helpful when I have trouble performing a task or needing to use “new to me” internet services. I believe each of your clients is special and treated with genuine concern. Many, many thanks.

Brian Sjolseth

I have worked with Shannon and Associates for 4 years. They are very experienced, professional and enjoyable to work with. I trust their business advice, and highly recommend their services.

Clarence C

The team at Shannon & Associates does top-notch work! That’s a given, but there are other reasons we love working with them: They think strategically and are always there to provide helpful and actionable advice. KBA needs advisors we can count on to answer critical questions and get back to us promptly. They excel at that. Plus, they have the soft skills we love, and I feel like a partner with the Shannon team, not just a client.

Julie Campbell, CFO
KBA, Inc.

This is our second year of returns with Shannon & Associates and our experience has been good. Over the years, working with accounting firms has often been challenging. During the heaviest part of tax season, it has typically been difficult to get anyone’s attention. Unfortunately, business doesn’t pause for us business owners during tax season and we often need help. I’m glad to report that Shannon & Associates has remained available consistently, which is what we really need. Also, we needed a quick turnaround on some tax documents due to a crisis recently and the firm really came through. I was impressed!

Mark Sandeno

I work with Shannon & Associates because they excel at organization, communication, and follow-up. I worked with Elizabeth, and she sent me line-item details, kept me organized throughout the process, and would follow up with everything. I highly recommend Shannon & Associates!


5 stars for this accounting firm. I became a Shannon and Associates client as the POA for my mother and later the representative of her estate. Over the years I have found S&A to be professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. With the passing of my mother the team was so compassionate, guiding me through the often-complex world of estate taxes. I’ve been so impressed that my husband and I have moved our tax return needs to this top-notch organization.

Jill Johnson