Wholesale/Distribution Accounting

Running a business in the wholesale and distribution industry means keeping tabs on your cash flow and inventory so you can turn a profit. Maximize your dollars with the help of Shannon & Associates. Our experienced accountants and consultants can translate your business numbers into real information to help you gain insight into the relationships between your inventory, margins and cash flow. We’ve helped other wholesale and distribution businesses grow, now it’s your turn.

Control your cash flow

Know when and how much to invest in inventory, and when to make your capital expenditures. We’ll advise you on timing and tax ramifications that affect your bottom line.

Manage your inventory

Our extensive accounting experience means we can help you manage your inventory cost-effectively. We’ll help you maximize your warehouse/facilities use and flow as well as balance your working capital needs against the inventory you need to have on hand so both the cash flow and the stock are at optimum levels.

The cost of transportation

A critical concern for the distribution industry is the cost of transportation. When gas prices go up, for example, your costs are affected and you must react quickly. With our firm helping you determine what your costs really are, you’ll be equipped to react skillfully to every shift in transportation cost.

Doing business elsewhere

Filing and paying income tax outside of the state is distribution-specific. Do you know which taxes to pay in another state or country? We do. And we’ll make sure you pay the right ones. Our membership with HLB keeps us tapped into resources throughout the nation and the world. As a result, we’re equipped with expert advice on taxes in other states and countries.

Make informed decisions

We can help you make informed capital investment decisions. If your business has outgrown your space, for example, we’ll consider the things you need to make a financially sound choice about moving—whether you should lease or buy, for example, or what time of the fiscal year works best for your accounting system. Or perhaps it’s time to invest in a major piece of equipment: What’s the best way to finance it? Will the timing impact the financial ramifications of a purchase? By looking forward and investigating every possible outcome, we can help you make smarter financial decisions now to improve your profitability in the future.

We can also advise you on complicated transactions, from mergers and acquisitions to how to properly structure your business. For more information contact us.

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