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Client Advisor – Summer 2021

The past year has been challenging to say the least. Hopefully the COVID-19 crisis, which affected all of us in some ways, is nearing the end. While it has been difficult to focus attention on much other than the health and safety of our loved ones, tax planning can’t take a back seat forever. In addition to normal midyear planning ideas, legislation enacted by…

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New Mandatory Payroll Tax Related to Long Term Care

There is a new mandatory payroll tax that will affect nearly all employees in the state of Washington. This long-term care (LTC) tax has not yet raised a lot of attention but is fast approaching. The Employment Security Department (ESD) created the WA Cares Fund that is administering this new payroll tax.

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Is your CPA asking you the right questions?

You might be thinking there’s a mistake in that title. After all, aren’t YOU supposed to be the one asking questions of your CPA and not the other way around? In truth, if you listen carefully to what your CPA is asking you when you meet, you’ll learn who they are and what their priorities are for you and your business. For example, your CPA…

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American Rescue Plan Act signed into law – Tax provisions included

The third round of coronavirus relief legislation is intended to offer economic aid to businesses and self-employed, but also includes additional direct payments to and other forms of tax relief and credits for individual taxpayers. Key tax provisions have been outlined in this detailed post from Shannon & Associates…

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6 Big Reasons Your Small Business Should Hire Full-Service CPA Firm

You might think you don’t need a full-service CPA firm, that your bookkeeper is enough, and you only need an accountant at tax time. I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase, “penny wise, pound foolish,” so you should know that a full-service accounting firm can help you with all aspects of your company and help…

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Employee Retention Credit 2021

The Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) passed December 27, 2020, makes major changes to the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). The ERC is available on qualifying wages paid during the first two quarters of 2021 which meets the following test. The Company has more than a 20% decline in gross revenue comparing the same quarter of 2021 to 2019. For example…

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Are You Eligible for the Retroactive Employee Retention Credit?

On December 27, 2020, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, H.R. 133 was signed into law. This bill included many tax provisions and extensions of some expiring provisions. One being the retroactive provision of the Employee Retention Credit. This bill provides that employers who receive…