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Biden Tax Plan – What You Need to Know

Now that the 2020 general election is over, it is time to consider what federal tax changes President-elect Biden would like to see for 2021 and beyond. Even with the Democrats in control of the Senate, the odds of dramatic tax reform may still be low. Some Democratic Senators, who will be up for re-election in 2022, may be reluctant to support a…

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PPP Round Two!

On December 27th, President Trump signed into law the long-awaited Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Nonprofits and Venues Act (“Act”) that includes: a second round of the Paycheck Protection Program loans (PPP), extensions on previously expiring provisions, expansions of eligible PPP expenses, deductibility of certain PPP related…

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Wishing our clients and friends a Happy New Year!

This year more than ever, we’re incredibly thankful for our clients and friends. From our entire team, we wish you a healthy and prosperous new year! In Honor of our friends and clients during this season of giving, Shannon & Associates has made a donation to Shannon & Friends Foundation.

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The New Form 1099-NEC: What You Need to Know

Changes are in store this tax season for the more than 70 percent of filers in 2019 who reported information in Box 7 of Form 1099 MISC. Beginning for the tax year 2020 there is a new Form 1099 NEC to report nonemployee compensation. In the past, payments of at least $600 to…

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Client Advisor – Winter 2020

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe as you deal with the current COVID-19 crisis. It’s possible that additional COVID-19 related tax changes could continue to be implemented as the year wraps up and into January 2021. As always, we’re paying close attention to the everchanging tax environment to discover tax planning opportunities that could put more…

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Alert: Year-end Reminder – Winter 2020

Don’t lose valuable deductions or incur additional costs. Special Reporting Required: The IRS requires special reporting for fringe benefits for S- Corporation owners who own more than 2% of the business. Certain family members including spouse, child, parent and grandparent of the S-Corporation owner and who works for the S-Corporation are also…

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Oregon Corporate Activity Tax – DOR Issuing Notices

The Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR) has recently begun issuing notices regarding the Oregon Corporate Activity Tax (CAT) to taxpayers with business activity within the state. The CAT is effective for tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2020, making 2020 the initial year of implementation.

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PPP Loan Forgiveness and Tax Impacts Planning

It’s time to check in on the PPP loan program! As a reminder, the PPP was part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, P.L. 116-136, which was signed into law on March 27. Now the year-end looms and you are eager to receive forgiveness; however, filing for and receiving forgiveness has an impact on…

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Estate Tax Planning: It is Time To Do Some Work

If your estate as a married couple is worth more than $10 million dollars (or if you are single and your estate is worth more than $5 million), it is time to review your estate planning documents. Under current federal estate tax laws, a married couple can die with $23.18 million dollars and not pay any federal estate taxes. That may…

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Employee Benefit Advisor – Fall 2020

The Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act signed on March 27, 2020, contained several provisions related to eligible retirement plans. Some of the provisions are options such as the distribution and loan provisions while others are mandatory, namely the waiver of 2020 required minimum distributions…