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Brianna Qualheim

Staff Accountant

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Experience and Expertise

Fresh out of college, Brianna’s work experience lies in the food service industry where she spent four years building strong customer service and teamwork skills. During those same four years, she was also working towards completing her bachelor’s degree. Her time in school has made her an expert in perseverance and hard work as she navigated being a first-generation student and completely self-supporting all while trying to prioritize her education goals and overcome the challenges presented by the global pandemic.  Despite these challenges, Brianna reached her goal and graduated magna cum laude.


Brianna’s goal is always to do her best. Every day she comes to work is a learning opportunity and she hopes to make the most out of them and continue to build her professional skills and knowledge base as she works to help our firm best serve our clients.


  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting; Central Washington University 2019-2023
  • Master of Professional Accountancy; Central Washington University 2023-2024

When not in the office you can find Brianna…

spending time with her best friend of 10 years or being a loving aunt to 4 children.

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