Testimonial 17

5 stars for this accounting firm. I became a Shannon and Associates client as the POA for my mother and later the representative of her estate. Over the years I…..

Testimonial 16

I work with Shannon & Associates because they excel at organization, communication, and follow-up. I worked with Elizabeth, and she sent me line-item details, kept me organized throughout the process,…..

Testimonial 15

This is our second year of returns with Shannon & Associates and our experience has been good. Over the years, working with accounting firms has often been challenging. During the…..

The team at Shannon & Associates does top-notch work! That’s a given, but there are other reasons we love working with them: They think strategically and are always there to…..

Testimonial 14

I have worked with Shannon and Associates for 4 years. They are very experienced, professional and enjoyable to work with. I trust their business advice, and highly recommend their services.

Testimonial 13

My mother and brother found your CPA service over 30 years ago. I am so pleased that you are so careful with your clients’ assets. I found all of the…..

Testimonial 12

Enviromech greatly values our relationship with Shannon & Associates. We rely on their financial expertise for all of our company’s accounting needs.

Testimonial 11

Really talented, knowledgeable and warm staff. I learned everything I needed to know and felt fully supported for all the family’s financials going forward. This is one group I will…..

Testimonial 10

As an attorney handling Estate Planning and Probate matters, we are only as good as our team. I am happy to consider Shannon & Associates as an integral part of…..

Testimonial 9

Working with Shannon & Associates on my business valuation was an insightful process that allowed me to make changes and ultimately increase the value of my business by becoming educated…..

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