Brayden Shaw

Brayden Shaw Email Brayden 253-878-4990 LinkedIn profile Brayden Shaw Associate “Working at Shannon & Associates has taught me that being an accountant is just as much about the people as…..

Brianna Qualheim

Brianna Qualheim Email Brianna 253-852-8500 x310 LinkedIn profile Brianna Qualheim Staff Accountant “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Experience and Expertise Fresh out of college, Brianna’s work experience lies…..

Porter Fernandez

Porter Fernandez Email Porter 253-852-8500 x302 LinkedIn profile Porter Fernandez Staff Accountant “I measure the amount of my success with the satisfaction of my client and plan on succeeding with…..

Ronee Jones

Ronee Jones Email Ronee 253-852-8500 x338 LinkedIn profile Ronee Jones Associate “I am passionate about forging long-lasting relationships; both professionally and personally. I have a strong commitment to delivering quality…..

Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson Email Lisa 253-852-8500 x339 Lisa Larson Associate “I strive to provide exceptional and timely service to all my clients.  My goal is that they would feel confident in…..

Heather Hazard

Heather Hazard Email Heather 253-852-8500 x346 LinkedIn profile Heather Hazard Associate “I love helping small business owners with their financial goals, and watching those goals grow into real results. My…..

Sherry Blaisdell

Sherry Blaisdell Email Sherry 253-852-8500 x334 Sherry Blaisdell Associate “I aim to be a trusted advocate for my clients through building a strong relationship to ensure the client feels comfortable…..

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